16 June 2013 1 of 1




Today should have been simple!

Get to the airport, catch the 3-hour Malaysia Airlines flight to Bali, check into the Best Western Kuta Beach hotel, do a jungle walk followed by a night walk, dinner and relax.

Except it did not quite work that way.

The lifts (elevators) in the Radius International all decided to malfunction at the same time, either they stopped working altogether or they developed a fault which caused them to stop at every floor except seemingly Floor 10 where we stood for 35 minutes with our bags trying to get down to the lobby. Eventually we gave up and carried all our luggage down twelve floors (yes the 10th floor is not actually the tenth floor) to catch our transfer bus for the hour long drive to the airport. We made the flight, we were the last ones to board the plane!

Arriving in bustling Bali is always fun, the Visa on Arrival system is a test of anybody's patience and when we had circumvented that problem by paying for a fast-track we arrived outside to find our pre-booked hotel transfer had not been registered by the hotel. Three taxis and 40 minutes later we arrived at the hotel to learn none of the pre-booked vehicles were actually booked so the jungle trek and the evening trek were off the menu. Not that anyone really minded, we have an early start in the morning so the most anybody wanted to do was take a dip in the roof-top pool and relax after an unnecessarily stressful day.

8/9th of the team bonding in the pool
(l-r) Kevin, Jay, Claudia, Hinrich, Julia, Franziska, Sven and Britta

Tomorrow we follow 19th Century British naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace from Bali to Lombok, crossing the invisible zoogeographical line named in his honour, the Wallace Line. I say we follow Wallace, but while he crossed the 25 km between the two very different islands by boat (as I have done in the past during filming of O'Shea's Big Adventure) tomorrow we are crossing the Wallace Line by more modern means, we are taking an early morning flight from Denpasar to Mataram.

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