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TIMOR-LESTE (Dili District, mainland)



One of the things we usually do when we arrive in Timor-Leste with a new team, is a short field trip to a locality close to Dili to get the students into the flow of finding and catching amphibians and reptiles. One of our chosen locations is the confluence of the Comoro and Bemos Rivers, a few km south of Dili. This location forms the boundaries between three districts: Dili, Liquiça and Aileu, with banks of the rivers in all three areas. Because of my back injury, and the need for me crack on with photography, it was decided Hinrich would take the team out to the confluence, picking up Laca and another of our Timorese team, Paulo, enroute, while I remained at TLH to do the specimen photography.

The team spread out to herp the dry Comoro River bed at the confluence
All photos Hinrich Kaiser
Sven rolling a rock for toads and skinks Searching a river cliff for specimens
Banana gardens, not usually productive..
until this time
Stripping away dead banana leaves

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