21 June 2013 1 of 1

TIMOR-LESTE (Dili District, mainland)



Tomorrow, Saturday 22nd June, we are due to take the Berlin Nakroma ferry to Ataúro Island.
That means we need to finish all the specimen photography, voucher preparation and kit organisation today.

We also need our ferry tickets but despite Hinrich being at the ferry office before it opened at 07:00 and waiting there almost three hours for the ticket seller, nobody turned up to sell him tickets. Eventually he came back to the TLH leaving Laca to wait for the tickets. Naturally enough Laca came through and we should be set to go in the early morning.

We packed my Troopie with all the kit: supplies, field kit, personal bags et cetera, the idea being I would take one person with me and Hinrich would take everyone else. It is a short drive to the ferry terminal and an even shorter one on the other side to Barry's Place.


Hinrich's Troopie (front) and Mark's Troopie
ready for the morrow.
Mark's Troopie packed for the ferry journey.
If only packing was an Olympic event!


We will be on Ataúro for a week, Saturday to Saturday, so although I shall be working on the blog we will not be able to post anything on the internet until our return to Dili - there is no internet connection on the island.

Please be patient and check back in with us after 29th June.



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