30 June 2013 1 of 1

TIMOR-LESTE (Dili, Dili District)



The Meleotegi River trip was the last field herping day of Phase VIII. From here it is a matter of finishing all photography, specimen preparation, data logging and sorting, cleaning and packing of equipment to be left here at the TLH for Phase IX.

Part of the team doing final specimen preparation
(l-r) Franziska, Sven, Britta and Julia

All parasites are photographed and fixed for later identification. The tiny ticks found on a Four-fingered skink (Carlia sp.) could be photographed in detail (dorsal and ventral) with the Canon MP-E 65mm macro lens.

Ticks on a Four-fingered skink, Carlia sp.
and in close up, dorsal and ventral



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