Timor-Leste 2011
June-July 2011

Background to the Reptile & Amphibian Survey of Timor-Leste (2 pages)

17th June 2011: We're All Going To The Zoo (2 pages)

18th June 2011: Arriving in Dili (1 page)

19th June 2011: Getting Our Feet Wet (3 pages)

20th June 2011: Best Laid Plans .... (1 page)

21st June 2011: Dili to Com, or Bust (4 pages)

22nd June 2011: Lautém Recon (3 pages)

23rd June 2011: Going Underground (3 pages)

24th June 2011: Where the River Vanishes (3 pages)

25th June 2011: Com Lab Day (1 page)

26th June 2011: Of Wharves and Other Man-made Structures (2 pages)

27th June 2011: Back to Malahara (1 page)

28th June 2011: To Jaco and Bust (3 pages)

29th June 2011: An Almost Lost Day (1 page)

30th June 2011: Heading for the Metropolis (3 pages)

1st July 2011: Dili Dally All the Day (1 page)

2nd July 2011: Meleotegi Mission (3 pages)

3rd July 2011: So What Have We Achieved? (2 pages)

4th July 2011: Excitable Americans (2 pages)


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