Timor-Leste Phase VII June to July 2012

Background to the Reptile & Amphibian Survey of Timor-Leste (2 pages)

19-21st June 2012: The Long Flights to Timor-Leste (2 pages)

22nd June 2012: Preparations for Fieldwork (2 pages)

23rd June 2012: Back to Bakhita (4 pages)

24th June 2012: Sunday, a Day of Rest, or..... (1 page)

25th June 2012: A Change of Plans, and a Lost Day (1 page)

26th June 2012: To Baucau (2 pages)

27th June 2012: Mt Mundo Perdido (5 pages)

28th June 2012: Prep Day (2 pages)

29th June 2012: Carlia (in a) Spot (2 pages)

30th June 2012: To Baguia (3 pages)

1st July 2012: On the Road to Mt Bina (2 pages)

2nd July 2012: Criss-crossing Timor (3 pages)

3rd July 2012: Nancuro Day 1 (4 pages)

4th July 2012: Nancuro Day 2 (2 pages)

5th July 2012: Driving in "The Districts" (5 pages)

6th July 2012: The 13th District (4 pages)

7th July 2012: Herping Balibo (5 pages)

8th July 2012: Back to the Metropolis (2 pages)

9th July 2012: Winding Down (2 pages)

10-12th July 2012: ... And Heading Home (1 page)



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