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Hinrich and the American team left the US on the 25th and flew across the International Date Line, via Tokyo and Singapore, all on United except for Caitlin who flew Air China through Beijing. They met up in Singapore but Caitlin's luggage was not ticketed for the connection to Kuala Lumpur. Hinrich and Malaysia Airlines sorted the problem out and her luggage caught up with her at the Radius International Hotel where we were staying by 15:00, five hours after the Americans arrived on the 27th.

My flight from the UK on the 26th was without any incidents or luggage problems although there was an amusing moment as Bina and I were pushing my luggage into the terminal. As we crossed the zebra-crossing outside an airport worker surveyed my two checkin bags and camera back pack and said:

"I bet you're only going for three days".

"No, for seven weeks actually" was my reply.

"Seven weeks, cool - where too?"

"East Timor" was my response, using the more familiar but strictly incorrect name for Timor-Leste.

"Wow, fair play to you".

At the Emirates desk I checked my luggage and flew from Birmingham to Dubai and connected to Kuala Lumpur. They were good flights and I either read, watched a film on my iPad or slept. I had a 6hour connection during the night at Dubai so I tried out the Marhaba lounge. It was expensive and it got very noisy and crowded, and the food was not anything to shout about, so I'm not sure I will use it again.

A photo with Bina before I went through Security to catch my Emirates flight. The Marhaba Lounge above the main concourse, before it got busy and crowded

I arrived in the late afternoon of the 27th and got a taxi to the Radius to meet up with everyone else. We went out for a meal that evening and then everyone crashed ready for an early start the next day.



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