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The has nothing to do with The Saint!
Templer Park is a small (1,214 hectare) forest reserve located 22 km from Kuala Lumpur in the Klang Valley. Although small it offers an abundance of wildlife (monkeys, birds, inverts and of course reptiles and amphibians) and an easy walk from the car park to a waterfall, along a very scenic river. Named in honour of Sir Gerald Templer, a British High Commissoner for Malaysia, it was opened to the public as "a refuge and sanctuary for wildlife" in 1954 by the Sultan of Selangor.

We had originally intented to visit FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) but changed our plan to visit Templer Park as we had been quite successful finding interesting herps there on a previous occasion.

A side stream off the Templer Park trail -
herps abound

One of Hinrich's impromptu field lectures -
this one on tree butresses
The waterfall at the end of the trail

On this visit we recorded the following amphibians and reptiles:
River frog Hylarana sp.
Sun skink Eutropis multifasciatus
Bowring's supple skink Lygosoma bowringii
Speckled leaf-litter skink Scincella reevesii
Spotted forest skink Sphenomorphus scotophilus
Flying lizard Draco sp. (on a tree where we were unable to identfy it to species)
Earless lizard Aphaniotis fusca
Green crested lizard Bronchocela cristatella
Monarch gecko Gekko monarchus

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