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In the afternoon we were due to fly back to Bali, but we were up early again for a trek to a waterfall in western Flores, driven there in one of Hans' Flores Komodo Expedition minibuses. The drive took almost 2 hrs but was interesting because we documented two road-killed snakes, a Malayan banded wolfsnake (Lycodon subcinctus) and a Lesser Sunda catsnake (Boiga hoeseli).

DOR Malayan banded wolfsnake
Lycodon subcinctus
DOR Lesser Sunda catsnake
Boiga hoeseli

The trek, although not lengthy, was strenous as it involved decending a fairly steep slope through rainforest and coffee forest to a level area of rice-paddies which had to be crossed to reach the river and the waterfall. Some of the team swam, some herped (unsuccessfully) while some simply relaxed in the sun. Then it was back to the hotel for our afternoon Garuda flight back to Bali.

Past the coffee forest Across a creek

Hans in front of the waterfall

We all dined in the hotel tonight and had a relatively early night because, guess what, we have another early start tomorrow, this time for our flight to Timor-Leste where the work will really begin.

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