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TIMOR-LESTE (Dili Distr.)



We were initially told that we would need to complete two forms and include a passport photo. We therefore completed the forms at breakfast time and attached our U.S./U.K. style passport photos, then all drove to the Indonesian embassy to submit the paperwork: forms, passport, and $90 per person. Paulo Aniceto from our car rental company Rentló arrived to help us, and his contact inside the embassy was awaiting our arrival. The first problem was that we needed photocopies of our passports to attach to the forms. The second issue was that Paulo and I were wearing shorts, so we were not allowed past the reception area. This meant that Paulo’s contact had to come out to get our forms, and he graciously did so. However, there was more trouble ahead. The U.S./U.K. passport photos do not meet the standard of the embassy here, which requires a 3 x 4 cm photo with a red background, so off we went to get new passport photos! In addition, we needed to complete the forms in duplicate, because we would be issued one visa for going to Oecusse and a second visa for going back to mainland Timor-Leste. This would also necessitate extra photocopies of our passports, and we therefore picked all of our just submitted papers once again to add to the piles. Furthermore, we needed to provide driver license numbers and photocopies of Mark and my driver licenses. Lastly, Paulo typed up a letter to explain why we needed to cross by land into Oecusse, and this letter needed to have a copy of everyone’s passport attached as well!

So, here is what you need to cross from Timor-Leste to Oecusse (and back) by land in a vehicle:
(1) passport (valid for a year)
(2) two 3 x 4 cm passport photos (with a red background)
(3) the application forms, in duplicate
(4) US$ 90
(5) three photocopies of your passport
(6) a letter of support
(7) vehicle paperwork
(8) driver license
(9) copy of driver license

The team gathered beneath the Cristo Rei

To the best of our knowledge, there is no place
where this list is published.

So now you know! With the visa process hopefully
underway we will head over to Ataúro Island in the morning.

In the late afternoon Hinrich took the students to see the
Dili Cristo Rei statue, a small version of
Brazil's famous Cristo Redentor, on Brazil's Corcovado.

We had a guest to dinner at the Timor Lodge Hotel, Carla Eisemberg, the Brazilian Turtle Lady. Hinrich and I had much to discuss with her including our mutual interests in Timor-Leste and Timor snake-necked turtles, PNG and Papuan pig-snouted turtles, and Amazonian mata mata turtles. It was a convivial evening.

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