07 July 2014 2 of 2

TIMOR-LESTE (Dili Distr.)



We are always on the lookout for snakes and we heard a call which sound liked Caitlin's voice. "Snake, snake" she shouted from further up the valley. Laca, Katie, Kim and I took off at speed running to her frantic calls, passing an old Timorese enroute. He called something to me that I did not understand as we rushed onwards in the heat. Laca got there first and met us as he came back down. "Goat" he said, it was a goat, not Caitlin, that we had heard, it just sounded like Caitlin. Sitting down getting our breath back the old Timorese arrived laughing and saying something I am sure was Tetum for "I told you it was only a goat".

We walked back to Barry's Place GPSing the locations where the various snakes had been found over the previous two days. The afternoon was taken up with more photography, specimen work and catching up this blog, there is little time to sleep on a trip like this.


The team working in the "lab"

This evening we have to pack our kit in readiness for an early morning boat trip back to Dili tomorrow. Next we hope to pick up two troop carriers from Rentló and our passports with transit visas from the Indonesian embassy, and head for Oecusse, the real target location of Phase IX.

That evening Laca and Katie went out and caught another Common wolfsnake (Lycodon capucinus).

Common wolfsnake
Lycodon capucinus

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