11 July 2014 2 of 2

TIMOR-LESTE (Oecusse Distr.)



Crossing a river we encountered women and children fishing in the shallows and we met with many people walking with their produce on the road.

Women and children fishing in the shallows
as we cross a river
Taking the harvest home,
the thatched structure is a bus shelter for those awaiting the regular ten ton trucks

Whenever we stopped we attracted crowds of locals, especially excited children. It is a great cross-cultural encounter with simple tools, just a camera and a smile, that turns a stop like this into an unforgettable immersion.

Ruby takes a "selfie" Katie follows suit, and Jose photographs the group

After the special Timor-Leste lunch of canned sardines on crackers, we worked our way back to Pante Macassar to begin the prepping of specimens.

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