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Final packing, storage of kit in the container, more valuable items and clothes Hinrich and I will need in 10 days time being left with Simon from the TLH restaurant. At around lunchtime we left for the airport aboard the TLH transfer bus, a short 5-minute ride, then checked in and went through all the usual formalities. My bags were checked to Honolulu, via Singapore and Tokyo, as I am heading for Hawaii for three days of specimen work in the Bishop Museum, followed by an IUCN workshop on New Guinea reptiles, but more of that later. Hinrich and the rest of the team will have a day or two in Singapore, a nice meal on the quay and a visit to the world famous Singapore Zoo, then they will head home, Caitlin travelling by a different route to everyone else as she travelled out separately.

The TLH transfer bus picks us up for the
5-minute trip to the airport

Our flight was delayed but folks had plenty to do while they waited

Sitting at President Nicolai Lobato International Airport in Dili I decided not to accompany the others into Singapore, but rather to stay airside in readiness for my early flight the following morning, so when we arrived in Singapore on our Silk Air flight it was time to say good bye. Everyone else has now gone into Singapore and I am sitting outside the Ambassador Transit Hotel, having booked a room for 7 hours for less than £30. I have free wifi internet too. I plan to get some sleep, then check in at the transfer desk for my flight at around 02:30, my flight leaving at 05:50.

Our tiny SilkAir jet dwarfed by a giant Singapore Airlines double-decker Airbus A380 Our last photo together at Singapore Airport (l-r)
Mark, Jose, Caitlin, Justin, Ruby, Kim,
Hinrich & Katie
The Ambassador Transit Hotel

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