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TIMOR-LESTE (Dili to Lautem Distr.)



We were up early and after breakfast we picked up the second troopie and we loaded much of the kit and personal bags onto the roof racks, under tarps in case of rain, then around 09:00, a little later than planned, we left TLH. We had some supplies still to pick up, then we would collect Laca and head east towards Lautém District, his home district. It was a short enough journey, only around 240 km, but one we expected to take most of the day if we stopped for road kills, crocodiles in the rivers we crossed, scenic photo opportunities, toilet breaks, and took our time on the more dodgy stretched of road. We were heading for Valu Sere, also known as Tutuala Beach, opposite Jaco Is. at the far eastern end of Timor.

Loading the troopies at TLH The old church at Laleia enroute

We stopped to photograph, identify and GPS four road-killed snakes: Macklot's water python (Liasis mackloti), two Island pivipers (Trimeresurus insularis), and a snake we are still uncertain of and need to identify. These are important distribution records, not to be ignored just because they are dead.

DOR Macklot's water python,
Liasis mackloti mackloti
DOR Island pitviper,
Trimeresurus insularis
DOR Island pitviper,
Trimeresurus insularis
DOR unidentified snake

We then stopped for snacks and drinks when we reached Baucau, about the halfway stage distance-wise but possibly not time-wise given that the 'best' roads were now behind us.

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