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TIMOR-LESTE (Lautem Distr.)



One of the main purposes for our journey to Lautém District was to visit Jaco Island, an uninhabited "spirit island" off the far eastern corner of Timor. We had made a short recce to Jaco on a previous phase but I (Mark) had spent most of the time on the beach waiting to return to the mainland, having contracted Weil's Disease a few days earlier in a bat cave. The other members of the recce team had had several enticing encounters with skinks of the genera Sphenomorphus, Eremiascincus, and Carlia. On this trip we hoped to capture some of these.

Valu Sere Resort, Tutuala beach Planning the day's trip

We were up at first light and drove down to the village opposite Jaco where we were ferried across in two groups, only one boat being available upon our arrival.

The village opposite Jaco Is. The first group departs
Jaco Island

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