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When we boarded the Silk Air/Air Timor flight MI 295 the Captain personally welcomed me on board and asked if I had any snakes with me. Captain Bradley Odom was very familiar with O'Shea's Big Adventure and has seen me on flights to or from Dili on previous occasions.

And as we were taking our traditional end of project photo at Singapore Changi (I was remaining airside for my next flight while everyone else was going through immigration into Singapore) Captain Bradley, his co-pilot and his chief stewardess Maria came along the walkway and agreed to join us for photograph.

The final Phase X group shot
Back row (l-r): Lukas, Sven, Max & Laura
Front row (l-r): Maria, Hinrich, Mark
& Captain Bradley Odom

I then caught my Emirates flight to Dubai, aboard a massive two-storey A380 Airbus with loads of space, a very impressive aircraft indeed, followed, after a 7 hour hiatus in Dubai, by my Birmingham flight, aboard an Emirates Boeing 777. I was met at the airport by Bina whose first comments concerned the hirsute nature of my face, the result of almost two-months in the field.

As for everyone else, Hinrich should be well on his way home to the US by now and the German group will be catching the same Emirates Singapore-Dubai flight as myself later today, followed by their connection to Frankfurt.

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