"The Pilbara Cobra"

Coongan River, Pilbara,
Western Australia


The original sighting of the "Pilbara cobra" had been out by the old Coongan River, on the eastern side of the Coongan River, east of Warralong. Apparently this old abandoned station had a great deal of metal sheeting and other debris lying around and was yet another mecca for snakes. We set off for Coongan Station full of optimism, three vehicles: crew, support and 'hero' vehicles as they are called. I drove the latter with Brian Bush, DT and Peter onboard.

We successfully crossed several stretches of the river, despite the fact that it had rained considerably for the dry season, but eventually we came to an uncrossable section where there was a grave danger of our vehicle being washed away.

We turned around and headed back to Warralong.


Crossing a channel of the Coongan River.
Sometimes you need help..
photo: Robert Pendlebury
to get across
photo: Robert Pendlebury
All the latest mod-cons, a bath in your car
DT, Peter and Brian watch as I search for a way across the final channel of the Coongan River