"Amazon Snake Mystery"

Alianza Cristiana to San Lorenzo, Loreto

Loreto map showing main locations and routes
aircraft & tower = Iquitos main airport, yellow aircraft = rural airstrips
dotted white line = flights
Iquitos-Andoas (fixed-wing), Alianza Cristiana-San Lorenzo (helicopter), San Lorenzo-Iquitos (fixed-wing)
blue line = river boat journey

(click on map for enlarged view)

After thirteen days and nights at Alianza Cristiana, but no anaconda sightings, we were due to leave.

We flew out of the village in a Peruvian Air Force Bell Huey 212 helicopter and circled Alianza Cristiana and Laguna Anatico to obtain the aerials we needed, before heading south toward San Lorenzo.


Waiting for the helicopter on the sports field. Bell Huey 212 coming in to land.
A last look around. Mobbed as we boarded the helicopter.

Eroute we over-flew the Nenita, which had left the previous morning, steadily making progress down the Rio Pastaza - there's was a long journey back to Iquitos.


We over-flew the Nenita heading south down the Rio Pastaza,
it would be days before she was back in Iquitos.


At San Lorenzo, on the Rio Marañón, we transferred to the Peruvian Air Force de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter for the flight back to Iquitos.

The helicopter left and we loaded aboard the Peruvian Air Force Twin Otter again to fly back to Iquitos.
Loading in progress at San Lorenzo airport.