11th September to 11th November 2006
Herp Life List



Hylidae Treefrogs  
Litoria congenita Southern treefrog CP, GP
Litoria infrafrenata White-lipped treefrog CP, MBP, MP
Litoria nasuta Rocket frog GP
Ceratobatrachidae West Pacific frogs  
Platymantis cf. papuensis Papuan wrinkled ground frog MBP, OP, MP
Ranidae True frogs  
Hylarana daemali Papuan wood frog MBP
Hylarana milneana Milne Bay frog MBP
Hylarana papua Northern Papuan frog MP
Hylarana sp. unidentified frog MBP
Bufonidae True frogs  
Rhinella marina Cane toad introduced CP, MP
Gekkonidae Geckos  
Gehyra mutilata Mutialted gecko CP
Gekko vittatus Palm gecko MP
Hemidactylus frenatus Common house gecko introduced CP
Nactus cf. pelagicus Pelagic gecko CP, MBP, OP, MP
Pygopodidae Scaly-feet  
Lialis burtonis Burton's snake-lizard CP, MBP
Scincidae Skinks  
Carlia bicarinata Eastern bicarinate four-fingered skink CP
Carlia eothen Eastern four-fingered skink MBP
Cryptoblepharus yulensis Yule Island snake-eyed skink CP
Emoia caeruleocauda Blue-tailed skink OP
Emoia longicauda Long-tailed skink MBP
Eugongylus rufescens Brown sheen skink MBP, MP
Lamprolepis smaragdina Emerald tree skink MP
Sphenomorphus cf. forbesi Forbes' forest skink CP
Sphenomorphus cf. fragilis Slender forest skink CP
Sphenomorphus jobiensis Jobi forest skink OP
Sphenomorphus nigrolineatus Black-striped forest skink MBP
Sphenomorphus wolfii Wolf's forest skink MP
Sphenomorphus sp. B Forest skink OP
Tiliqua gigas evanescens Southern giant blue-tongue skink MBP
Tribolonotus gracilis Crocodile skink MP
Agamidae Dragons  
Lophognathus temporalis Two-striped lashtail dragon MBP
Varanidae Monitor lizards  
Varanus indicus Mangrove monitor MBP
Boidae Boas  
Candoia aspera schmidti New Guinea ground boa MP
Candoia paulsoni mcdowelli McDowell's ground boa MBP, OP
Pythonidae Pythons  
Apodora papuana Papuan olive python MBP, MP
Leiopython hoserae Southern white-lipped python MBP
Morelia amethistina Amethystine python CP, MBP, MP
Morelia spilota harrisoni New Guinea carpet python CP
Colubridae Typical snakes  
Boiga irregularis Brown treesnake CP, MBP, OP, MP
Dendrelaphis cf. calligastra Coconut treesnake MBP, MP
Dendrelaphis cf. gastrostictus Spot-bellied treesnake MBP
Dendrelaphis cf. papuensis Papuan treesnake MBP
Dendrelaphis punctulatus Common treesnake CP, MBP, MP
Stegonotus cucullatus Slatey-grey snake CP, MBP, OP, MP
Stegonotus diehli Diehl's little ground snake MBP
Natricidae Watersnakes  
Tropidonophis multiscutellatus Long-tailed keelback OP
Elapidae Venomous snakes  
Acanthophis laevis Smooth-scaled death adder MP
Aspidomorphis muelleri Müller's crowned snake OP
Demansia vestigiata Black whipsnake MBP
Micropechis ikaheka New Guinea small-eyed snake OP, MP
Oxyuranus scutellatus canni Papuan taipan MBP
Pseudonaja textilis New Guinea brownsnake MBP, OP
Frogs = 9 spp.; Lizards = 23 spp.; Snakes = 19 spp.; Total = 51 species

"CP" = Central Province and NCD (Port Moresby);
"MBP" = Milne Bay Province;
"OP" = Oro Province;
"MP" = Madang Province;
"DOR only" refers to species only recorded as 'dead on road'.