Hiritano Highway
Central Province

Map showing the Hiritano Highway (Brown River Road)
from Port Moresby to Doa Plantation.

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[see also visits to Hiritano Hwy road trips in 2006 & 2010]

Whilst based in Port Moresby we make frequent nocturnal trips out to Brown River and beyond searching for Smooth-scaled death adders (Acanthophis laevis) and other snakes on the road. In 2008, apart from DOR specimens, we encountered a single Brown treensnake (Boiga irregularis).

Brown treesnake, Boiga irregularis


Martin River.
Doa rubber plantation.
Cutting and catching latex of rubber tree.
The finished product.

At Martin River we were presented with a Brahminy blindsnake (Ramphotyphlops braminus) in a bottle and at Doa rubber plantation our death adder hunt resulted in skinks only: Trans-Torres litter skink (Carlia macfarlani), Dusky skink (Emoia obscura). Yule Island snake-eyed skinks (Cryptoblepharus yulensis) were captured at Vanapa River.

Brahminy blindsnake, Ramphotyphlops braminus
Trans-Torres litter skink, Carlia macfarlani
Dusky skink, Emoia obscura
Yule Island snake-eyed skink, Cryptoblepharus yulensis

[see also visits to Hiritano Hwy road trips in 2006 & 2010]