Central Province
Edevu, Brown River
(second week)

I woke the first morning back at Eduvu and was still ill. I lay there wondering about the headache and whether I had malaria or Dengue fever or the new emerging virus Chikungunya. But I could not lie there for long so I got up and tried to occupy myself in camp with various science tasks. I had to catch up on species lists, downloading images and documenting specimens captured by the boys while I was in Moresby

The boys had caught the Smooth-scaled death adder (Acanthophis laevis) the day I left and a Southern white-lipped python (Leiopython hoserae) the next day, but the python had died, cause unknown, so they had buried it. The following day they caught a juvenile Slatey-grey snake (Stegonotus cucullatus) but it had escaped.

A few lizards were awaiting my return, e.g. Blue-tailed skink (Emoia caeruleocauda), Papuan tree skink (Emoia kordoana),Yule Island snake-eyed skink (Cryptoblepharus yulensis), and an Eastern savanna skink (Carlia bicarinata), two Pelagic geckos (Nactus pelagicus) from under a log near the camp, and a Southern treefrog (Litoria congenita) near the river.


Smooth-scaled death adder
Acanthophis laevis
Pelagic gecko
Nactus pelagicus
Blue-tailed skink, with eggs
Emoia caeruleocauda
Papuan tree skink
Emoia kordoana
Yule Island snake-eyed skink
Cryptoblepharus cf. yulensis
Eastern savanna skink
Carlia cf. bicarinata
Southern treefrog
Litoria congenita