Victor Valley College Tropical Research Initiative
Herpetofauna of Timor-Leste
Phase VII

Dili, Dili District

Our top priority in Dili was getting photographs taken for the Indonesian visas, to enable us to drive through West Timor to the Timor-Leste exclave of Oecusse. The Indonesians require their visa photographs to have a red background so it necessitated a visit to a Dili photo studio for a series of 'mug-shots'. We then had to pick up necessary paperwork, to be completed in duplicate, from the Indonesian Embassy, complete it and return it with passports and photos, by 12:00 noon. We got back just before noon but the office was closed, so we were told to return at 14:00.

We spent the intervening time driving around Dili looking at the new promenade, completed since our last visit in January-February 2012, the posters for the forthcoming parliamentary elections, and posters for the Euro 2012 football contest which we were following with interest*. After some shopping for supplies we returned to the Indonesian Embassy to deliver our passports and paperwork, only to be told "come back on Monday!"

* We had similarly followed the 2012 World Cup whilst in Timor-Leste, with allegiances ranging from England (Mark), Germany (Hinrich), USA (Hinrich & VVC students) and either Portugal or Brazil (the Jets).

Around Dili - click to enlarge images
Traditional fishing methods alongside The new promenade
The UN drives past election posters
they will leave by the end of 2012
Election posters are everywhere
and so are banners for the Euro 2012 football tornament

There was nothing that could be accomplished or speeded up with regards to the Indonesian visas so we decided to maximise our time with a one day trip south to the Meleotegi River in Ermera District, the only location where we had found Timor river frog (Limnonectes timorensis), Timor treefrog (Litoria everetti) and a new species of Snake-eyed skink (Cryptoblepharus sp.3) as well as interesting specimens of skinks from the genera Carlia, Eremiascincus and Sphenomorphus