Victor Valley College Tropical Research Initiative
Herpetofauna of Timor-Leste
Phase VII

Maliana, Bobonaro District

Timor-Leste comprises 12 contiguous Districts, plus the exclave District of Oecusse, making a total of 13 Districts. Before our arrival in Maliana we had herped in every district except Bobonaro (although one of the Jets, Zito Afanio Soares, is from Maliana and had done his thesis fieldwork near his home). So Bobonaro was our 13th and final district. If 13th an unlucky number, as the accident of the day before suggested? Since nobody was injured maybe 13 is lucky after all!

Hotel Risky Obviously the best hotel in town

In Maliana we ate in the best restaurant in town, aptly named Restaurant Maliana and recommended by Zito. This was only the second place in Timor-Leste (after TLH) where they served sufficient chips for a Britisher and their fried chicken, fried rice and fried noodles were also excellent.

Maliana main street with petrol for motorbikes
for sale in plastic containers
Pakistani US Police patrol in Maliana
for the elections
In the Restaurant Maliana
(l-r) Hinrich, Paulo (with my hat), Zito,
Andrew, Caitlin, Sven

July 7th was Election Day in Timor-Leste so we accompanied Zito when he went to vote.

Election poster in Maliana Enroute to the polling station - wide load
Maliana polling station with international election monitors - a very peaceful scene Zito with his blue finger, having just voted


The amusing search for a PHOTO COPY shop