Victor Valley College Tropical Research Initiative
Herpetofauna of Timor-Leste
Phase VIII

East of Com, Lautém District

I took one of the troopies and went out to look for suitable locations to conduct herpetological searches. I found a limestone outcrop about 2 km east of Com, and very close to the surf break on the beach, which looked like a suitable place for a nocturnal gecko hunt. Hinrich would not accompanying us due to his illness.

We returned with head-torches after dark and soon found a large number of Bent-toed geckos (Cyrtodactylus sp.), some relatively small like others we have found in Lautém District, but several significantly large and patterned differently. Subsequent close examination has brought us to the conclusion that these specimens represent two different species, rather than juveniles and adults of a single species.

The location by day And searching at night
Small Bent-toed gecko
Cyrtodactylus sp.
Large Bent-toed gecko
Cyrtodactylus sp.


Hinrich was not getting any better and after a discussion we decided he was not going to get any better at Com and we should drive back to Dili and medical attention, before he got too sick to drive the six hours of Timorese roads. We would leave in the morning.