34th International Herpetological
Fort Worth,Texas


The 34th International Herpetological Symposium took place at the Fossil Creek Radisson Hotel, Fort Worth, from 28th-30th July 2011.

The keynote presentation, the first talk on the 28th, was entitled The Value of Herpetoculure, by Louis Porras.

It was followed by some 30 presentations on subjects as diverse as Armenian vipers, breeding blue tegus, women in herpetology, evolution of the venom system in reptiles, Boelen's pythons, Komodo dragons in the wild, information systems in herpetoculture, montane rattlesnakes, art and photography in herpetology. A full speaker list can be found here, although some talks were substituted for others so this list is not completely accurate.

A big part of any symposium or conference is meeting people, renewing old friendships and making new ones.

The author Jennie Erin Smith,
author of
Stolen World


The author with Bill Love, premier herpetological photographer.
Photo: Tell Hicks

The final evening comprised the presentation of the Joseph Laszlo Memorial Award, an awardpresented to the speaker at the IHS meeting who has demonstrated that his or her work represents new and exciting views and advances in herpetology. The 2011 winner was Carl J. Franklin, Biological Curator and Collections Manager of the Amphibian & Reptile Diversity Research Center at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Carl J. Franklin receives the Joseph Laszlo Memorial Award from IHS President Bob Ashley.
Photo: Bill Love.


Following the awards I presented the Banquet lecture Herp Quest in Timor-Leste.

The author beginning his presentation
Herp Quest in Timor-Leste


This was followed by some herpetological magic by Texan herpetologist Daryl Sprout, and then the IHS auction with Bob Ashley and Ken Foose as auctioneers (like like the BOR).