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Crocodilus rhombifer

The most aggressive crocodile of the four American species, the Cuban croc is also the most endangered because it is found in only two small Cuban swamps and even there it is in competition with either the American crocodile (C.acutus)or the introduced spectacled caiman (Caiman crocodilus).

The Cuban crocs most notable feat is its ability to jump vertically over 2.0m from the ground and in this respect some croc people liken it to a Velociraptor. It is easily recognised by the large raised 'horns' behind the eyes. It grows to 3.5-4.9m in length


Endemic to Cuba (Zapata swamp, in the Bay of Pigs and Lanier swamp on Isla de Juventud).

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Habitat: Swampland


Although a relatively small crocodile at 2.0m, this is an aggressive species
Cuban crocs are confined to two swamps in Cuba Cuba crocs have a pair of raised 'horns' behind the eyes



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