Timor-Leste January to February 2012

Background to the Reptile & Amphibian Survey of Timor-Leste (2 pages)

19-20th January 2012: The Flight to Malaysia (1 page)

21st January 2012: Culture and Conservation (4 pages)

22nd January 2012: The Flight to Indonesia (1 page)

23rd January 2012: Culture and Cuisine (2 pages)

24th January 2012: Our Biggest Team Yet Hits The Ground (3 pages)

25th January 2012: Metinaro Mangroves (1 page)

26th January 2012: A Trip to a Lake (1 page)

27th January 2012: Island Prep Day (1 page)

28th January 2012: Ataúro Bound (2 pages)

29th January 2012: Manucoco Trek (3 pages)

30th January 2012: Of Monitors and Geckos (2 pages)

31st January 2012: First Rain (1 page)

1st February 2012: Monitor Watch (2 pages)

2nd February 2012: Big Lizards and Drowned Rats (3 pages)

3rd February 2012: Another Creek, Another Skink (2 pages)

4th February 2012: Back to the Metropolis (2 pages)

There was been a delay in the preparation and posting of the Expedition Field Notes
from this point forward. This was caused by a combination of a hectic schedule, lots of specimens to photograph, international flights, and some illness. Fortunately all these are now resolved, and the
Expedition Field Notes blog for Timor-Leste Phase VI 2012 continues below.

5th February 2012: The Meleotegi has a Louder Voice (6 pages)

6th February 2012: The Embassy (2 pages)

7th-8th February 2012: Singapore (2 pages)

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