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With Mark having gone straight through to Hawaii, the rest of the team did what has become a tradition to end summer trips to Timor-Leste: visit the world-renown Singapore Zoo. Hinrich turned even this into a teaching experience, making the team learn how to use the Singapore Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and local buses to get to the zoo!

The zoo itself is a reliably exciting attraction. It is difficult to imagine how one might line up more animal “Wow” moments in a few hours than here. This includes old favorites, such as the white tigers, the unfenced kangaroo and emu enclosure, and the Fragile Forest aviary where lemurs and flying foxes are roaming free and only an arm’s length away. This team also liked the more staged events, such as the tortoise statue and the elephant ride.

Ruby loves tortoises.
Note: The tortoise is on the bottom
(l-r) Kim, Jose, and Katie enjoying their elephant ride

And then it was back to the academic side of the trip, the final exam. The knowledge gained from the fieldwork and the travel over the past three weeks now needed to be on display! Participation grades and pre-departure quiz scores were already in, and with notebooks and the annotated portfolio of 50 best photos, the exam rounds out the academic side of the course.

As a reward, the team finished up with a nice dinner along the Singapore River, with Singapore’s iconic skyline in the background. After an early bedtime and a 3.30 am start the next morning, the team headed back to California via Tokyo and San Francisco.

Taking the exam in the lobby of our hotel (l-r) Justin, Ruby, Jose, Katie, Hinrich, and Kim by the Singapore River

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