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TIMOR-LESTE (Manatuto Distr.)



The Nancuro Forest Reserve is a protected area 8 km south of Natarbora on the south coast, a thin strip of lowland forest, mangroves, lagoons and beachfront with a high diversity of reptiles and a few amphibians to interest us. We have been there before but this time before we could visit we had to replace a flat tyre on Hinrich's troopie, clearly a slow puncture caused by the rough road down from the mountains.

Wheel replaced, tyre dropped off at a local tyre-repair shop, and copies of our fieldwork and collection permits in the hands of the local chefe de suco, and we were able to visit Nancuro having lost only one hour.

We planned on two trips to the reserve, the first during the day, the second in the late afternoon and evening. Both proved interesting and productive and for the first time we were able to drive the full 8 km to the beach without being halted by treefalls.

Hinrich and Max jack up the troopie
Max said he would get his arse in the blog!
The forest road at Nancuro
The wild wind-swept beach at Nancuro

We parked the troopies and started herping back up the road and out into the bush on either side, turning logs, peeling bark, searching treeboles, checking tree holes and encountering large centipedes and aggressive ants, but we also found herps....

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