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TIMOR-LESTE (Manatuto Distr.)



One of the first reptiles was a fleeing Timor bronzeback (Dendrelaphis inornatus timorensis) sighted, and then lost from sight (easily done in this habitat) by Mirco. Max, Laca and I piled in but the snake was gone. We would find another one later, long-dead on the road, and fixed it as a voucher.

Lizards encountered and captured on this visit included the Four-fingered skink (Carlia sp.), a dark species of Bent-toed gecko (Cyrtodactylus sp.), and a black-throated Forest skink (Sphenomorphus cf. melanopogon), which also turned up as pale-throated males, a taxonomic question of identity for Sven to ponder later.

And snake-wise we got the species we came for, another specimen of Timor ground snake (Stegonotus sp.), a certainly new species we are gathering data towards describing.

Four-fingered skink,
Carlia sp.
Bent-toed gecko,
Cyrtodactylus sp.
Dark-throated male Forest skink,
Sphenomorphus cf. melanopogon
Pale-throated male Forest skink,
Sphenomorphus cf. melanopogon
Timor ground snake,
Stegonotus sp.
Road-killed (and smelly) Timor bronzeback,
Dendrelaphis inornatus timorensis

We went back to the clinic/guest house for a rest and to prepare for our evening visit.

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