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TIMOR-LESTE (Manatuto Distr.)



When we returned to Nancuro in the late afternoon we first went to investigate some tracks Mirco had discovered along the beach. One set appeared to have been made by a small Saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) as there are no sizeable lizards such as salvator-size monitor lizards on the south coast. It lead from a mangrove-fringed lagoon back to the sea. The second set led from the sea to a location on the beach, then returned to the sea. These appeared to be the tracks of a sea turtle coming out to lay eggs. The tide had washed away the tracks near the ocean so we obscured the rest of the tracks and the nest site in the hopes it would afford the eggs protection from poachers (we have seen eggs for sale opening on the street).

Tracks of a small crocodile Mangrove-fringed lagoon
Sea turtle tracks ...and nest site

We waited for darkness, and did not have long to wait.

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