Timor-Leste January-February 2011

18th January 2011: Arrival in Dili, Timor-Leste (2 pages)

19th January 2011: Disappointment & Plan B (1 page)

20th January 2011: A Taste of Fieldwork (2 pages)

21st January 2011: Due South (2 pages)

22nd January 2011: Nancuro Nature Reserve (2 pages)

23rd January 2011: Lake Lenas and Back to Nancuro (2 pages)

24th January 2011: On The Road Again (2 pages)

25th January 2011: In The Mountains (2 pages)

26th January 2011: New Territory (2 pages)

27th January 2011: Tilomar Forest Reserve (2 pages)

28th January 2011: It's Not All Fieldwork (1 page)

29th January 2011: Out of the Frying Pan Into The Fridge (2 pages)

30th January 2011: Crocodile Considerations (2 pages)

31st January 2011: Out to the Island (2 pages)

1st February 2011: Ataúro Island (2 pages)

2nd February 2011: Take Me to the Beach (2 pages)

3rd February 2011: Back to Dili (1 page)

4th February 2011: A Dili Day (2 pages)

5th February 2011: Snakes on a Plane (2 pages)

6th February 2011: Over and Out (1 page)

Species Checklists

Species checklist by Order of First Record (1 page)

Species checklist by Family (2 pages)

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