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TIMOR-LESTE (Lautem Distr.)



One of the demands of successful fieldwork is that, at times, there are tasks that keep you out of the actual field, such as specimen photography, examing and documenting specimens, and vouchering selected specimens. Today Hinrich and I had a lot of work to do, so we elected to remain in camp while Sven and Laca took the team back to Jaco in search of more Carlia and Eremiascincus primarily. Laura decided to remain with us and became Hinrich's very capable lab assistant.

We set up in a building within the resort grounds and established a lab in one corner and a photo studio in the other. From the window we could see Jaco Island where, presumably, Sven and Co. were busy herping. They were gone around 5 hours.

The commandeered building Jaco Island view through the trees
Hinrich and Laura in the lab with Sven before he took his team out Mark's photo studio with two Cubelites, cameras, flash guns and set materials


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