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TIMOR-LESTE (Lautem Distr.)



We packed to leave Valu Sere in a storm, wind and rain battering us as we broke tents, stowed gear and got gear onto the roof racks of the troopies. It was a bit rushed, which was probably why we left our preparation table behind, but we did not realise that at the time. The first 8 km were the rocky hill climb from Tutuala Beach to Tutuala followed by a muddy patch, everyone and everything being bounced around inside the vehicles as the drivers (H and myself) negotitated the route of least difficulty.

Negotiating a muddy patch, the road under the logs had disappeared into the gulley.

Eventually we reached Tutuala and began the long drive along the northern shore of Lake Ira Lalaro. At this point I noticed that my troopie was handling differently and the wheels on the left side were whining. We had planned to drive to Com on the north coast but first we went to Lospalos, the Lautém district capital, and decided to overnight there, pick up supplies and use the internet at the Timor Telecom office. The latter was broken so uploading this blog would have to wait until Baucau.

The smart Timor Telecom office in Lospalos The modern computer terminals,
except there is no internet
Timor Telecom's symbol is a crocodile and their internet symbol is a crocodile with flames coming out of its behind, presumably indicating "super fast broadband".
In our experience TT internet is either snail-speed slow or broken....hmmm!

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