The Blog Archive is the repository for blogs and news items imported from the Original Mark O'Shea Website or from the Home Pages of this website if they are 12 months or more old.

It is also planned to include some O'Shea articles from other sources in this archive.

Blogs currently assessible from this archive are:

A Brazilian Appeal: Brazilian Bushmaster Project
May 2010

A Brazilian Tragedy: The Butantan Fires
May 2010

The Beagle Campaign
May 2009

Snakebusters PNG 2008 pt.1 Snake Quest in the Wild West
April-May 2008

Snakebusters PNG 2008 pt.2 Island of the White Snake
May 2008

Snakebusters PNG 2008 pt.3 The Search for Papa Graun Moran
May 2008

Snakebusters PNG 2008 pt.4 Bound for New Britain
May 2008

Australian Venom Research Unit: PNG Snakebite Project
March 2008

The Case Against Venomoid Snakes
June 2004

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