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Photography is not just a hobby, an interest, and a source of income, it is also an important means of biological record keeping.

Mark O'Shea has taken his photography seriously since he first started exploring the tropics in the early 1980s. The story of his journey through photographic experimentation, his learning curves with both hardware and techniques, his gradual conversion to digital, and some of the tricks of the trade that seem to have worked for him, were told in a 2-part series Personal Adventures in Herp Photography, in the UK herp journal The Herptile, in early 2010, and these articles are updated and reprinted here.

This section of the new official Mark O'Shea website it also intended to showcase some of his photography. Mark's images are often sought by publishers of books and magazines. He has images of many less well known species, usually taken in the field (captive specimens are labelled as such) with full locality data (where disclosure of such will not endanger the wild population). Many of these images appear elsewhere on this website, within the various expedition accounts, but here we hope to display some of Mark's photography by subject, rather than by location.

Mark has an extensive slide library which is gradually being digitized and stored in digital format.The emphasis to date has been on the reptiles but amphibians and other subjects are also being digitized. Mark also shoots digital images. His library currently contains approximately 300 taxa (species and subspecies) of amphibians and 1,300 taxa of reptiles, plus large venomous invertebrates, habitats and tropical expedition photography from over 40 countries.

The section O'SHEA PIX, is a resource for publishers, journalists, producers, lecture organisers, and others seeking images of Mark for articles or promotional materials. This section already contains almost 100 images from around the world and more are added on a regular basis.


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The O'Shea Photographic Slide Library
55 Arrowfile Cabinets

note these units are pale grey, the PhotoShop colour coding here is for reference purposes
Dark blue = Crocodilians; Brown = Tuataras;
Yellow = Amphisbaenians; Light green = Lizards;
Red = Snakes
White = Expeditions; Light blue = Turtles & Tortoises;
Brown = Spiders & Scorpions;
Light green = Amphibians

Slides are Kodachrome 64 or Fuji Velvia 50 and 100, all recent films being Velvia 100.

Current film cameras are Canon EOS 1V bodies but earlier images where shot on Canon F1 and T90 bodies. All lenses are Canon.

Slides are digitized using either a Nikon CoolScan 4000 or Plustek OpticFilm 7600i.

Digital cameras used are Canon EOS 30D, 40D and 7D, with some habitat shots taken on an EOS 400D.

Initially only a few representive images are available for viewing but it is hoped to expand this section considerably over time.

Interested publishers are invited to contact the webmaster if they are seeking a particular snake, lizard, frog or habitat, we may have just the image you are looking for and unless you ask you may never know.

Rates for Use are fair and competitive, so please enquire.