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Mark O’Shea is an internationally renowned TV presenter and one of the top reptile experts in the world, his understanding and respect for wildlife in general and of reptiles in particular is undisputable. He is also an explorer/adventurer, professional photographer, author, public speaker and a respected scientist.  He is also a powerful advocate for herpetological conservation issues and a fervent supporter of snakebite research, as up to 120,000 people needlessly die of snakebite each year.

Having a natural curiosity, respect, and an inexhaustible passion for his subjects, Mark, presenter of the successful O’Shea’s Big Adventures, for US Animal Planet, (O'Shea’s Dangerous Reptiles for UK’s Channel 4), has received enormous critical acclaim from across the media and made him popular with audiences at home and on an international platform. “Keep your Terry Nutkins, your Steve Irwin. While I admire each of them for their individual skills… there is a new king in the TV wildlife jungle. His name is Mark O'Shea.”).  The Guardian

Mark has filmed 38 widely acclaimed adventurous natural history documentaries in 25 countries and also has a wealth of experience in behind the scenes filming for BBC (NHU) and Discovery. He has presenter on BBC’s “Inside Out East Midlands – Nottingham Photo Safari” and as a reptile expert on Channel 4’s “Easter Eggs Live” with presenter Mark Evans.  Mark’s other television appearances include: Blue Peter, Really Wild Show, Get Fresh, Serious Desert, Gloria Hunniford, Graham Norton, Danny Baker, Ready Steady Cook, Taste Today, and he has appeared on several US chat shows and countless radio shows.

Mark is an engaging presenter with enthusiasm, sincerity and authenticity that can only arise from real passion. He has a sound understanding of television production, working with production crews and an understanding of broadcaster’s needs.  Accomplished at one-take ‘pieces to camera’, with a natural gift for ad-libbing and scripted PTC’s, to VO’s, makes him an invaluable talent.

His vast experience and knowledge in the field of zoology and exploration was recognized by the Explorers’ Club of New York (British Chapter), who awarded him with one of eight Millennium Awards for Services to Exploration (the Zoology Award), placing him alongside astronauts Buzz Aldrin and F. Storey Musgrave, Mountaineer Sir Chris Bonnington and polar explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

Following many successful years of working behind the scenes on natural history documentaries for the BBC NHU and other television channels, including on-location filming Mark was offered the opportunity to move ‘front of camera’ for a film about anacondas in Venezuela, for the Discovery Channel, entitled ‘Giant Snakes’.  It’s popularity soon led to invitations to make films for the Channel 4’s adventurous documentary series strand, “To the Ends of the Earth”.  Coincidentally he was approached by three companies bidding for commissions for the same strand, and chose to make Black Mamba with the same company as produced Giant Snake. Drawing on the show’s successful ratings, Mark was offered a six-part series, expanded to 13 parts, which led to him presenting O’Shea’s Big Adventure films for Animal Planet and Discovery Channel worldwide (as O’Shea’s Dangerous Reptiles on Channel 4).
Mark O’Shea, just by standing there, brings jollity to herpetology.  The Guardian

Most people have touched the fringes of true passion, Mark ‘lives’ and ‘breathes’ it - whether he’s trekking through jungles, swamps and deserts in pursuit of wildlife, his passion and respect for nature is unrelenting. 


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