Mark is an extremely experienced public speaker who has been presenting talks and giving lectures on reptile related subjects and his expeditions for over thirty years. He has spoken widely both in the UK and overseas including to the following major and diverse organisations.

Royal Geographical Society
Zoological Society of London
Illinois Natural History Survey
Royal Army Medical Corp
Scientific Exploration Society
Rotary International
Round Table of Britain and Ireland
Exeter Museum
Claction Arts and Literary Society
Wrexham Science Fair

Mark in currently updating or converting his original PowerPoint presentations into Keynote, the Macintosh equivalent, and also preparing new talks.

His stable of talks contains the following titles:

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Mark no longer included live reptiles in his talks, although he can be seem presenting the Reptile Encounters at West Midland Safari Park, where he does demonstrate reptiles ranging from alligator snapping turtles to boa constrictors to rattlesnakes or cobras during the educational presentations.

Also in preparation or being re-written (click on the images for more information):



In Search of Serpents and Saurians: Adventures on Islands where Reptiles still Rule. Mammals might rule the continents, but on some islands they are just prey.








In Search of Giant Snakes. The truth about huge snakes, how big they can grow, and whether they do eat humans.









Venom: In Search of a Cereal Killer. The agricultural experiment that sent thousands of poor farmers into harm's way.