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Morelia amethistina

The Amethystine python is also known as a scrub python due to its liking for dry forest habitats. It is a wide-spread species that is found in most habitats on the mainland and on islands, on the ground and in the trees. It can reach a length of over 6.0m although the largest (Australian) specimens are now treated as another species as are the populations from the eastern Indonesia islands.

Prey consists of bandicoots, rats, birds, bats but large specimens can also take wallabies. This is one ofthe commonest pythons encountered in New Guinea, often being found on the roads at night. It is quite variable in colouration and patterning and may be more of a species complex than a single species.


New Guinea & New Britain.

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Habitat: Rainforest & savanna-woodland


A banded specimen from Milne Bay in southeast Papua New Guinea
The head of a Central Province, PNG, specimen showing the heat-sensitive pits on the lip scales A dark specimen with banding confined to the posterior part of the body



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