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Alligator mississippiensis

One of only two true alligators (the other is in China) the American alligator is a widely distributed species - there are an estimated 4million in Florida. It feeds on anything entering the water ie.waterbirds, dogs, snakes, turtles, and has been responsible for about 10 human deaths since 1948. In recent years the attacks have increased as more and more people move into alligator territory and expect the gators to move out. Maximum length for males is 3.74-4.0m. Alligators have broad snouts that cover all the teeth of the lower jaw.


North America (endemic to southeastern USA: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, S.Carolina, N.Carolina, southern Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, southern Arkansas & Oklahoma, & eastern Texas).

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Habitat: Rivers, lakes, ponds, drainage ditches & swamps


Male alligators are considerably larger than females
An algae covered gator in Loxahatchee Wildlife Preserve, Florida Juvenile gators have bold black and yellow markings


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