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The TROPICAL ZONE is located in the centre of the Reptile House, and it currently contains the largest number of exhibits although it also includes species more suited to the ARID ZONE* and also species that could equally be included in the RECORD BREAKERS**:

Red-tailed racer Gonyosoma oxycephala Southeast Asia
Borneo blood python Python breitensteini Borneo
Common boa Boa constrictor South America
Green & black dart poison frog Dendrobates auratus Lower C.America
White-lipped pitviper Cryptelytrops albolabris Southeast Asia
Green tree python Morelia viridis New Guinea
Crocodile skink Tribolonotus gracilis New Guinea
Jamaican boa Epicrates subflavus Jamaica
West African carpet viper* Echis ocellatus West Africa
Amethystine python Morelia amethistina New Guinea
East African gaboon viper** Bitis gabonica East & Cen.Africa

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View of an exhibit in the Tropical Zone



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