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Dendrobates auratus

The green and black dart-poison frog is a highly variable dart-poison frog. Whilst specimens from the Caribbean coast are usually green and black, those from the Pacific coast may be blue and black. Females lay their eggs in the leaf-litter and when they hatch the male carries the tadpoles on her back and deposits them in small pools such as treeholes, rolled leaves or bromeliads where they develop, feeding on mosquito larvae and other tadpoles. Maximum length is 25-40mm. This species is not as toxic as the golden dart-poison frog (Phyllobates terribilis) and it does have predators.


Central America (southern Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama) and northern S.America (extreme northwest Colombia).

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Habitat: Tropical rainforest


Typical patterning is green with black spots
The bright colours advertise that this frog is poisonous Specimens from the Pacific coast are often blue and black



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