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Cryptelytrops albolabris

White-lipped pitviper (Cryptelytrops albolabris complex) The white-lipped pitviper is actually three species, a main Southeast Asian snake which is always green (C.albolabris), a similar species from Nepal (C.septentrionalis) and a species from the Lesser Sunda islands (C.insularis) which is green in Timor, turquoise on Komodo and bright yellow on Wetar.

These pitvipers live in the trees or on the ground and they hunt small mammals, frogs and lizards, killing them with a venomous bite. The venom is also dangerous to humans and human fatalities are known.


Southeast Asia (northeast India to China, south to southern Thailand with populations isolated populations in Indonesia; C.septentrionalis Nepal; C.insularis Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia).

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Habitat: Rainforest, rivers, woodland and rice paddies


A white-lipped pitviper in strike position Fangs of a Lesser Sunda pitviper from Timor
A yellow specimen from Wetar Island A turquoise specimen from Komodo



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