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DK Handbook to Reptiles and Amphibians.

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Mark O'Shea's Reptile World is divided into four main zones, one of which is subdivided into two.

Each zone is represented by a series of exhibits of species that are indicative of that particular zone*, with accompanying touch-screen information available for most exhibits (touch-screens have still to be rolled out for some exhibits). In addition there are large, informative wall displays containing a wealth of additional information - in fact there is very little bare wall in the entire building.

* Some exhibit species are still out of their particular zones due to logistical problems. It is hoped all these will be resolved during 2011 and all species will be correctly placed in their respective zones.

The Zones are:
Arid Zone
Wetlands Zone
Tropical Zone
Record Breakers

There are also smaller displays in the exit corridor covering the following subjects:
British Reptiles
Global Amphibian Decline