Mark O'Shea
New Holland Publishers

Reviews of the UK hardback edition:

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"Mark O'Shea is qualified to produce a book of this scope.
The real strength of the book, and what gives it unique value,
is the material dealing with lesser known snakes,
including the nuances of venomous colubrids.
Most readers will be unfamiliar with this information
and therefore it is a tremendous opportunity for them to learn
more about this special area of evolution.
I cannot recommend this book strongly enough."

Dr Bryan Grieg Fry, Australian Venom Research Unit, University of Melbourne
Bulletin of the British Herpetological Society 96:40

"This is a marvellous reference book, easy to read, with many stunning photographs taken in the field,
and features Mark's personal accounts and observations."

Lucy Thompson,
SESAME 45(1):45 (Journal of the Scientific Exploration Society)

"A fascinating introduction to an unfairly maligned corner of the animal kingdom."
Geordie Torr, Geographical Magazine :79

"Though this book could not be described as extensive, it is very well planned,
the colored photographs are of a high quality and it has an excellent coverage of species.
Overall this is an impressive book and very well priced."

Mike Swan, Senior Keeper, Melbourne Zoo
Reptiles Australia magazine 49-50

"A veritable photographic feast!

Being peppered with anecdotes from Marks (sic) overseas trips gives the book a more personal feel
and makes it very readable. For anyone with a keen interest in 'venomous'
the book is an excellent addition to the library if for no other reason
than the photography."

Alan Wilkie
The Herptile 30(4):147

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