We hope to be able to offer herp related gifts from time to time,
unusual items not regularily found elsewhere,
possibly the ideal birthday or Christmas present for
the herper who has everything else!


Mark O'Shea, with (left to right)
Gena Kaiulo (PostPNG Philatelic Promotions Manager) and
Kenei Gumaru (PostPNG Manager of Philatelic Bureau and Production)
at the Dangerous Snakes of Papua New Guinea stamp launch
Port Moresby, PNG, 13 Sept 2006 .


At the present we are able to offer
the Dangerous Snakes of Papua New Guinea stamp set
designed, photographed and launched by Mark in Port Moresby
in September 2006, to coincide with the
National Snakebite Management Course
run by the Australian Venom Research Unit, Univ. Melbourne.

Monitor Lizards of Papua New Guinea
by Mark O'Shea
Reptiles and Amphibians of Timor-Leste,
by Mark O'Shea, with Hinrich Kaiser and Ivo Schneider.

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