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Eunectes murinus

The Heaviest Snake in the World

The green anaconda is the largest and heaviest, although not longest, snake in the world. The large females can reach 8.0m in length and many kgs in weight. They are extremely aquatic boas that prey on almsot any animal that comes to the water including peccaries, capypara, deer, even caiman (S.American alligators), boa constrictors and their own species (see below). Even a medium sized anaconda is powerful enough to kill a man. Like all boas the anaconda is a live-bearer, giving birth into the water.

O'Shea M. 1994 Eunectes murinus (Northern green anaconda) Cannibalism Herpetological Review 25(3):124.

South America (Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Trinidad, & Amazonian Venezuela, Colombia Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, & Bolivia).

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Habitat: Rainforest rivers, swamps & flooded savanna


The largest, heaviest snake in the world the anaconda becomes more and more aquatic as it gets larger
The green anaconda is dark green with large black ocelli markings and yellow stripes behind the eyes Six rows of sharp recurved teeth, and articulated lower jaw and flexible skull bones comprise the skull


Mark O'Shea and Adam Richardson (now at Chester Zoo) with a large female green anaconda,
just over 5.0m long and weighing 50kg.
Photo: John James for WMSP



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