"The Pilbara Cobra"

Klondyke Mine, Pilbara,
Western Australia


It took us two attempts to find the Klondyke Mine, a goldmine located 27 km southeast of Marble Bar on the Pilbara Mineral Field. Many of the old workings are abandoned but we were told there were plenty of snakes there.


A water container was one of the first signs we spotted.
And then we found old mining equipment and mine shafts.
Photo: David Wright
Determining the depth of the mine by dropping stones down the vent and counting,
a curious occupation for five grown men.
(l-r) David (director), Des (camera), Terry (sound), Matt (ass. camera), Mark (presenter)
photo: Robert Pendlebury

We did not find any snakes, but we did find lizards, ie. Desert cave gecko (Heteronotia spelea), Spotted dtella (Gehyra punctata), Varigated dtella (Gehyra variegata), Rusty-topped flick-leaper (Delma borea) and Pilbara flick-leaper (Delma pax) from the Gekkota, and the Long-nosed lashtail dragon (Lophognathus longirostris) from the Agamidae, and a Western lined fine-tail skink (Morethia ruficauda exquisita) but it escaped before it could be photographed.

Desert cave gecko
Heteronotia spelea
Spotted dtella
Gehyra punctata
Variegated dtella
Gehyra variegata
Rusty-topped flick-leaper
Delma borea
cleaning its eye
Pilbara flick-leaper
Delma pax
Long-nosed lashtail dragon
Lophognathus longirostris