Series 2
Australasia & The Pacific

O'Shea's Big Adventure Series 2, comprised 13 half-hour documentaries
filmed in Australasia and the Pacific during 2000 & 2001.

The Films:
2:1 On the Edge - Australia
2:2 The Pilbara Cobra- Australia
2:3 After the Flood - Australia
2:4 Green Blood - Papua New Guinea
2:5 Tree Crocodile - Papua New Guinea
2:6 Magic Man - Papua New Guinea
2:7 Devil in the Trees - New Caledonia
2:8 Snake Invasion - Guam & the Mariana Islands
2:9 Sea Serpents - Australia
2:10 Feast of the Snakes - Australia
2:11 Flying Dragon - Philippines
2:12 Flesh Eaters - Indonesia
2:13 Return of the Reptiles - Indonesia

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