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10th April - 29th May 2008


Map showing the destinations for the Papua New Guinea 2008 expedition
1: Daru, Western Prov.; 2: Madang, Madang Prov.;
3: Moro, Southern Highlands Prov.; 4: Hoskins, West New Britain Prov.

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Although during the 2008 expedition we are still hoping to capture additional medically important elapids for the AVRU snakebite research project, especially in Madang Province, David Williams and I were also conducting Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) in Western Province, and Southern Highlands Province, and I also received an invitation to make my first visit West New Britain Province.

The Snakebusters PNG 2008 fieldworkers.

David Williams [AVRU Researcher and Project Leader]
Mark O'Shea [AVRU Research Fellow]
Jasper Gabugabu [AVRU-UPNG snake room technician]

An important few words of warning to herpers wishing to visit Papua New Guinea


The areas where we visited or where we conducted fieldwork were the following:

1. Central Province and Port Moresby 28 April - 5 May, 12-14 May, 22-23 May, 28-29 May:
a) Port Moresby;
b) Hiritano Highway.

2. Western Province 11-28 April:
a) Daru & Bobo (Bristow) Islands;
b) Oriomo River;
c) Southern coast.

3. Madang Province 5-12 May:
a) Madang mainland;
b) Karkar Island.

4. Southern Highlands Province 14-22 May:
a) Moro & Paua;
b) Hegigio, Agogo & Iagifu;
b) The Morans;
b) Iagifu to Manu;

5. West New Britain Province 23-27 May:
a) Dami.

Expedition Results - a full life list of herps recorded during the 20o8 expedition.